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We were proudly awarded the tender for the new staff and accessibility carpark for Hampstead School on Oxford Street, Ashburton. Working alongside Logic Group, PXA and Richards Consulting Engineers, our team transformed a portion of the school field into a fit-for-purpose school carpark.

From tree felling, land clearing, site development, and drainage, the team effectively managed the entire process from start to finish, mitigating challenges along the way to provide a top quality result.

Planning and site setup

We planned major works to coincide with the school holidays for minimum disruption all round, and our team was quick to ensure the site was set up and secured during this period. While erosion and sediments controls were established, drainage tests were completed, permits were obtained from the local council and our surveyor had marked out the site.

Tree removal and earthworks

Before works could begin, we first had to clear the site of 20 well established trees. Our experienced tree team set up traffic management and began to safely bring down all 20 trees one by one using our tree shear attachment.

Once the trees were removed we strip the site to the required depth. The clay layer underneath the school field was deeper than expected and the decision was made to remove additional material to provide a better foundation for the carpark.

With the site cleared our truck and trailers then imported engineered fill, sourced from our local quarry, spreading and rolling in layers to ensure the site was sufficiently compacted.


The school carpark drainage included kerb and channel, sumps, a vegetated swale, a large soak pit, and general pipework. We assisted the engineer with drainage testing to ensure the soak pit sizing was suitable.

We also liaised with the Ashburton District Council to have the stormwater system inspected before backfilling and preparing the final surface.


The final surface was prepared using our CAT skid steer with built in GPS machine control. This aided the operators in getting the levels and final surface extremely accurate in preparation for sealing. The school carpark was sealed with a grade 5 chip seal to act as a waterproofing layer, followed by a smooth asphalt finish.

Other items required in the fit-out of this carpark included:

  • Installing school compliant fencing and gates
  • Installing lighting bollards and poles
  • Line marking the carparks and installing park stops
  • School carpark signage and safety chains
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