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Our earthmoving services cover all those jobs, big or small, associated with developing and maintaining your investments above and below the ground’s surface.

Effluent Systems

From planning and design through to construction and maintenance, we work with clients to deliver quality, cost-effective effluent solutions. Our capabilities include developing and maintaining effluent ponds, wedges, traps, and sumps, along with muck spreading.

Tracks, Yards & Laneways

We have been building and maintaining tracks, yards and laneways on Canterbury farms since 1990. Starting from the ground up, we know how to get them done right. We offer solutions to suit every level of investment in building, revitalising and maintaining these assets, using fit-for-purpose fleet and modern processes.


Using 3D machine control technology, we can design and build water storage ponds and dams with a high level of accuracy and precision. Our capabilities also include installing and removing mainline and tending to urgent mainline repairs.

Land Conversions

We have a solid reputation for completing successful land conversions, big or small, on-time and within budget. From complete dairy conversions to the contouring of terraces, every land conversion project is executed to the same high standard, with meticulous planning and attention to detail.

Feed Pads

Feed pads are a popular off-paddock facility found on many high-performing farms in the Canterbury region. Whether you're looking at building or maintaining a covered all-weather feed pad or a concrete based feed pad, we know how to get the job done right.

Culverts, Bridges & Underpasses

Need to install or replace a culvert, bridge or underpass? We supply and install culverts, bridges and underpasses of all sizes. Our team will take care of the full process, including liaising with affected parties, managing resource consents and providing traffic management where required.

Tree Maintenance & Removal

Whether it's for safety, sunlight, or to make way for a new development, we have the right equipment to tackle any tree. Our capabilities include tree topping, tree felling, stump and hedge removal, with the ability to remotely control our excavators in challenging environments. We take care of the full process, providing traffic management, root raking, log salvage and processing.

Underground Services Installation

We can help install underground services by trenching or by mole ploughing (to ensure minimal disruption). Underground services include everything from stock, storm and mains water to sewer infrastructure and septic tanks, as well as electrical and data cables and conduits.


Experiencing poor drainage or ponding? We work with clients to create and maintain successful drainage schemes which allow for effective water movement. We have solutions to suit every drainage problem, including soak hole installation, NOVAFLO drainage piping, and existing drain realignment.


A vital component of any large-scale drainage system, wetlands can help to regulate water flow and reduce nutrient loss. We work with our clients to identify, restore and maintain wetland areas, such as small on-farm swamps and seeps, or large established wetlands. We have the skills and expertise to ensure your wetlands are done right.

Water Races

We have been cleaning and redirecting stock water races and irrigation schemes since 1990, using rubber tyre excavators, 3D machine control technology and purpose-built race cleaning attachments. We understand the importance of protecting the natural flora and fauna found in and around our waterways, and we work carefully to remove silt, excess vegetation and other obstructions that may be restricting water flow.

Rut Busting

Ruts caused by centre pivot irrigators require ongoing maintenance. Our tractors and rut buster units deal to these ruts in a quick and tidy way by filling them in using gravel, lime, soil or wood chips depending on what’s required.

Land Clearing

We offer comprehensive land clearing solutions to suit every project, big or small. Our capabilities include mulching, giant discing, harrowing, and root raking along with clearing gorse, broom and other unwanted vegetation. We use top of the line equipment, including bulldozers and excavators to help you achieve your land development goals.

Offal, Refuse & Clamshell Holes

Do you require a new on-farm disposal for dead stock or refuse? Our capabilities include the excavation and backfill of on-farm offal and refuse holes along with the supply of concrete lids if required. We can excavate holes up to 10 meters deep using a clamshell attachment on our excavators.

Water Troughs & Gateways

Water troughs and farm gateways can quickly become wet and boggy when subjected to heavy loads and constant use. We can help improve the durability of these areas by reinforcing the surface with gravel and lime to prevent erosion and mud.

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve completed a wide range of agricultural, residential and commercial projects across the South Island, and we are privileged to have worked alongside some of our clients for over 30 years.

Get your project Done Right

The road to success is never straightforward. That's why we explore every angle of a project upfront to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Because for us, being the best isn’t about getting it done fastest, or cheapest. It’s about getting it Done Right for you.

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