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When it comes to civil siteworks we have a reputation for delivering successful outcomes. Our services provide a complete solution, including site preparation ready for construction, along with the development of the surrounding environment.


We have the right equipment to carry out all your residential and industrial subdivision requirements. Our 3D machine control technology is fitted to our excavators, graders, scrapers and tractor blades, ensuring a high level of accuracy with line and level. As part of this service, we also have experienced in-house drainlayers for all sewer and stormwater installation.

Foundations & Site Preparation

With the increase in residential and commercial developments in the Canterbury region, we have become well known for our quality foundations and site preparation. Our capabilities include excavating and filling residential and industrial sites. We offer a complete service with our clean hard fill dumping facilities and aggregate supply from our fully operational quarry.

Driveways, Carparks & Pavements

Our team knows how to get the excavation, preparation and surfacing of driveways, carparks, and industrial pavements done right. We are capable of delivering on projects of any size from small driveways to large industrial pavement areas. We have the right team and equipment to complete your project to a high standard, on time and on budget.

Demolition & Site Clearing

Whether it’s a house or a commercial building, our team has the skills, equipment and expertise to carry out the demolition of any small to medium- sized buildings. In combination with our other business services, including clean hardfill dumping, land clearing, tree removal and greenwaste disposal, we offer a complete demolition and site clearing service. We take demolition projects seriously and ensure qualified asbestos removal experts assess all projects.


Experiencing surface water issues? Our siteworks team offer a range of drainage solutions to eliminate or deal with any surface water issues. Whether you require the installation of soak holes, sumps or kerb and channel we have the know-how and resources to get your drainage done right.

Service Installation & Connections

As an approved contractor for the Ashburton, Timaru and Selwyn District Councils, we take care of all your service installation and connection needs. Our team is competent in supplying and installing all- new sewer systems, potable water and stormwater connections to your property.

Entranceways & Shoulder Widenings

Require an entranceway or shoulder widening? As an approved contractor for Ashburton District Council, our team is authorised to carry out your entranceway or shoulder widening requirements. Whether it’s for a new or existing property, we liaise with all required parties to ensure the jobs done right.

Concrete Pouring & Formation

Whether it’s 10 square metres or 4,500 square metres, our siteworks team know how to get your concrete and formation projects done right. Our team takes care of the full process including preparation, liaising with suppliers, pouring, forming and finishing. Our specialised equipment includes a remote- controlled concrete laser screed allowing efficient and precise levels of any large concrete pads.


As part of delivering complete solutions, our landscaping services provide the final detail to any project. They include the preparation and construction of lawns and gardens along with planting trees and vegetation, developing stormwater swales, sowing grass seed and installing irrigation and drip lines.

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve completed a wide range of agricultural, residential and commercial projects across the South Island, and we are privileged to have worked alongside some of our clients for over 30 years.

Get your project Done Right

The road to success is never straightforward. That's why we explore every angle of a project upfront to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Because for us, being the best isn’t about getting it done fastest, or cheapest. It’s about getting it Done Right for you.

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