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DJI 0665

We installed this stock underpass to allow cattle to walk from either side of a property on Barnswood Road without the need to cross the sealed road. The property boundary also had a stock water drain that had to remain in place.
We managed the project from start to finish, including arranging the precast underpass, wingwalls, building consents, council permits, underground service locations, stock water diversions, culvert design, concrete aprons, timber barriers, signage, and quality assurance.


To obtain building consent we worked with the local council, providing all the required information to expedite approval as quickly as possible; this included a PS1 for the underpass construction. Permits were obtained for stock water diversion and installing additional service pipes alongside the underpass under the road.
We also arranged a site-specific temporary traffic management plan for a full road closure, which covered notifying all local landowners and residents, along with schools and milk tanker operators. Underground services were located by local utility operators and the site-specific safety plan was prepared.


Traffic management was set up by our qualified in-house traffic management personnel (STMS & TMO). Site toolbox talks were hosted daily, and all people onsite were required to undergo safety inductions which covered the site hazards, PPE requirements and familiarity with the site-specific safety plan.

A temporary diversion to the stock water race was excavated into the paddock to allow for the road to be excavated. The foundations were prepared, NDM testing was completed, and the precast underpass was lifted into place in small sections. Once the wingwalls, steel culvert for stock water and slotted pipe for drainage were installed, council inspections were completed, and the underpass was backfilled in compacted layers. The road was constructed, NDM testing was completed, and the stock water diversion was restored.
To finish, we then prepped up the concrete aprons in and out of the underpass, chip sealed the road, installed the timber barriers, reflective signage and re-grassed the roadside. Final council inspections were completed, and a producer statement was provided.

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